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273 West Coast Road Auckland, New Zealand    Tel: (09) 8183370

"Exercising your will power to achieve the results you desire"

Our team are committed to providing a clean, safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels a part of their club. We work closely with our members to help them achieve their goals and provide on-going support to maintain these results.



So who are we?

Volition Fitness is now part of the FIKAA Group, which currently also operates Creo Fitness Manukau and Onegym Highland Park. FIKA is not your usual chain fitness centre operator as we embrace the history of the brand of each individual gym, and truly believes this is the best way to personalize our services for the local community. 

Volition Fitness used to be Glen Eden Fitness and have been working hard to create a community focused centre where everyone feels a sense of belonging. In October 2014 we relocated the gym to a much larger, purpose built facility and re-branded our name to Volition.

Each trainer has a wide range of expertise and life experiences which are invaluable skills when working with others. We share a passion for helping others create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

The team all practice what they preach and stand behind the Volition meaning… “Exercise your will power to achieve the results you desire”

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.